Some utilities to control AOR 8200-8600 radios using Windows CE HPC devices


Please NOTE: switching from the Sharp Mobilon/HC4100 (MIPS processor, Windows CE 2.1) to a HP Jornada 720 (ARM processor, Windows CE 2000) I realized the applets are no longer working. This is apparently due to incompatibility issue in PocketC. So far I've been unable to update the applets.

Cabling consists in two parts:
  1. the serial cable normally used to sync your HPC with a desktop computer
  2. depending on the radio:
The HPC->desktop cable is a null modem
PC->AR8600 connection is expected to be "straight"
Therefore another null modem (or "crossed") cable/adapter is needed to straighten up things

AOR sells the complete interface (complete with plug and bundled with a software CD) or the plug alone, as a spare part. Cheaper non AOR alternatives can be found on the market (here for example), but you'll still need the connector.
Projects are available on the Net to home-build the interface and a search for "level converter interface" will bring up several links.
The connector has a cheaper equivalent in a HP Jornada spare part (here for a nice and complete project).


Download from here und unzip on your HPC.

Orbworks runtime module for PocketC is needed for execution.
If you want to modify and recompile the source code, please purchase the full version of PocketC.
AORCE has been written on a SHARP HC (Mobilon) 4100, a handheld running Windows CE 2.0.
I understand that the same applet should work also on newer versions (PocketPC).
Please let me know if you get it running on other devices.

Executable in the .ZIP file assumes that communications go through COM:1 serial port (this should be standard) at 19200 bps (please set up the receiver accordingly). You can change both parameters and recompile in a matter of seconds.

Functions implemented so far:
The computer control command set can be found into the users' manual or on AOR's website.


I place the AORCE utilities in the public domain under the so called "Artistic License" (click for full text).

Bottom line:

I'm no programmer so don't expect the thing to be particularly efficient or complete.
More or less it works and provides me with the features I need, so I don't plan to expand/refine it much.
However I'll be happy to hear that somebody else is using my work.

Feel free to contact me at the following address: sinager [at]    (change the [at] into @)