Some utilities to control AOR 8200-8600 radios using Windows CE HPC devices

Spectrum Explorer

Useful to explore a frequency range in unattended operation.
Just check the log later and concentrate your listening efforts on the resulting frequencies/hours.
Here you can find the logic behind this kind of procedure: extending the monitoring time beyond your spare time (just sit HPC and radio there, running, while you work or sleep) will increase dramatically your chances of finding new active frequencies.
Applet will search a given frequency range at a desired step, logging all signals above a certain s-meter level both on the screen and in a text file.
Commands available while applet is running:
Please note that a high search speed joint with a low s-meter threshold will often result in a series of false hits. In fact looks like the VFO responds slower than the software control, with the squelch tail closing while radio is already on the following frequency.

The output file can later by browsed manually or imported into other software for further analysis.

Here is an example: i left HPC + radio running all day, while at work.
In the evening I just got my "log4.txt" file and imported it into a spreadsheet ( for a great solution)

log imported into spreadsheet

Running the "data pilot" wizard (for those of you using MS Excel it's called "pivot table") I quickly got a table summarizing the frequencies that got more hits:

pivot table

In a matter of minutes I went through the most used  and was able to identify  the user.
Casual searching of the same range in my -very little- spare time could have taken days to achieve the same results.

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