Some utilities to control AOR 8200-8600 radios using Windows CE HPC devices

Memory Backup and Memory Restore

These two utilities allow to download memory banks (one at a time) into plain text files.
The backup file can subsequently be restored onto the radio.

Each memory channel is stored as a plain text string, following the format specified on the users' manual.
Therefore you can:
download -> edit the .txt file -> upload
avoiding the painful process of labelling channels on the AR keyboard.

As each memory line must follow a strict formatting, the "m_restore" applet performs a few basic checks on each entry, but don't rely too much on it!

So far my two AORs have retained the 50 channels banks sizing.
For this reason I didn't implement a check to avoid trying to upload a number of channels exceeding the available memories.

Memory  Bank Label Editor

Edit memory bank names without any effort.
Please remember that labels can be of 8 characters maximum.

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