Radio equipment in movies

Am I the only one trying to identify radio models when they're shown in movies?

Here are a few I  was able to catch from my dvd collection.
Submissions are more than welcome.

There's Something About Mary Spartan
Heat Copycat
The Listening The Bourne Identity Get Smart


About 27:46 into the movie many agents are activated. People and gear are shown off. Is this software a real product or just a well done mock-up?

Software is supposedly controlling a stack of radios right of the monitor. Equipment in the background seems all related to audio mixing and recording. About 1:05:15 into the movie.

back of radio stack

...and front

SPARTAN  (2004)

Top and bottom: possibly Radio Shack scanners.
See also image below: in a small blooper the top radio is not shown in the following frames, taken from a different perspective. It was probably covering too much of the road ahead.

Unfortunaly this frame is mixing to scenes. To the left I think it's an Icom R75 below the Radio Shack we saw earlier.

Left: Icom 756, center: Uniden  BC895XLT. Right: equipment visible in the previous frame.

Weird frequency choice. They must have strange allocations in the Middle East 8-)=

Several handheld scanners visibile, possibly RadioShack Pro-91 or Pro-93.
Thanks to johnconnor for the submission.

These guys did some homework. Visbile equipment includes spectrum analyzers, communications tests sets, counters, generators, scopes and various audio equipment. The one on the middle-right shelf reminds me the Rohde & Schwarz ESH2/ESV family of receviers but it's not. More info always welcome.

HEAT (1995)
About 9.45 into the movie Uniden UB9000XLT or similar model sharing the same case and a Radio Shack PRO-2030.
Thanks johnconnor for the subsmission.

GET SMART (2008)
1h27 into the movie a ham 2m transceiver, possibly a Yaesu FT1802 
Yet another submission from johnconnor.

COPYCAT (1995)
Sigourny Weaver listeninh at a 8:24 into the movie, possibly a PRO-2030 again.
Submitted by johnconnor

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