Notes for installing Ministumbler on the HP Jornada 720

Short version: jump to # 10

My first attempts have been very frustrating but finally got there...

1- installed v. 0.4. Won't run. Jornada complains about missing bits and pieces (program or libraries)
2- read discussions on forum. There you find references to fake libraries, hex-editing the executable and so on.
3- installed customized AGYSHELL.DLL and MFCCE300.DLL custom libraries that should allow running PocketPC apps.
4- libraries not good, reinstalled. Find your way between PPC, HPC, ARM, MIPS... versions. Soft resets in between to ensure the proper one is loaded. Still no go
5- illumination: perhaps the DLL trick refers to older versions of Ministumbler. v 0.3 found on third party site, hex-edited and installed.
6- WOW! edited 0.3 version opens
7- damn... my wireless card is not recognized and I'm unable to access the control menus. Due to limitations in the "fake" libraries adapting PPC to HPC format, command keys are not translated. Only available options: CTRL+Q (quit), CTRL+S (save .ns1 file), CTRL+O (open .ns1) file
8- test with various versions of GX.DLL. No luck
9- back again to Netstubler site. Re-read  Ministumbler FAQ in depth. HPC2000 clearly supported. Why the **** doesn't run on my Jornada then?
10- working back on v 0.4: when you run the MiniStumblerInstaller_0_4_0.exe all files are uncompressed on your desktop pc under .../Program Files/Microsoft ActiveSync/
11- in fact the HPC200 CAB  is there. What happened when installing? Perhaps the wrong CAB was used.
12- edit MiniStumbler.ini in its last line, leaving only:
         CabFiles     = MiniStumbler.HPC2000.ARM.CAB
Delete all other CABs (probably not necessary)
13- run the installer
14- bingo: MiniStumbler up and running!

Ok, I'm a dummy... and this helps just in case you're one as well...