Yes, the homepage is in nederlandese only (as of 25-Mar-06). This doesn't stop the software from working amazingly well.
Judging from the message window Tronkito/TrunkSnort seem to be the base for this new developement, but a lot of things have been added, both in terms of features and usability:
In first place it has been ported to a nice GUI environment. When application is minimized main messages can be displayed by a pop-up from the taskbar.
All settings can be made from the running software, with no need to exit, edit .ini file and restarting.
This includes:
  • customizable message detail level
  • controlled radio details
  • site details
Radio control works very well: in TrunkSnort I had to re-initialize serial ports all times via HyperTerminal, while TrunkView worked straightaway with both AOR and Uniden and all my USB<>232 adapters.
Functions I haven't tested yet:
  • auto recording of received communications
  • site scanning
I'm not sure how these two work, as I assume they must rely on either a single radio mode or a double soundcard feed.
If you managed your way around TrunkSnort switching to TrunkView will be a breeze.

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Last update: 25-Mar-06