Elecraft K3 external PTT repair

Connecting a footswitch to RCA "PTT" connector on the back of my recently acquired K3 yielded no result. Some internet scouting brought up this thread giving both suggestions to check on the falut and the probable culprit. Indeed +5V was not present on the center pin and I resolved to opening the transceiver.

Belly up: we're lucky that the surface mounted component is placed on the bottom side of the main board, as getting access to the top side means taking apart the entire K3.

Check with your multimeter if indeed +5V is present before RFC1.

If so, get a couple of soldering irons hot and take away RFC1 as you'd handle chinese food with a pair of chopsticks: just warm it up and start moving gently to check that you're not ripping away the pcb pad.

Replace with a suitable inductor. I had no SMC handy and put there a through wire one. I guess value is not critical (10...100uH)), working just as an RF-block.

Published: Jul 2014 - Home